Disc Golf Course Design

We've worked with multiple groups to bring or update courses in their area. Take a look at the nine hole course we managed to bring to a park in Camrose, Alberta or the updated course design in Cold Lake, to use the space in a more efficient, safe, technical and fun way! 

We're currently working on a couple other designs that will hopefully be in the ground sooner than later and we'd love to add yours to that list. Send us a message or email today if you have any questions or want a general consultation!! 

Stony Creek Disc Golf Course in Camrose

The course that started it all.

Our first and one of our best course designs to date led us to working with the City of Camrose and the Rotary club to design a fantastic course that utilizes the creek, elevation changes and trees to nestle a fantastic 9 hole course into Jubilee Park.

This course is designed to challenge new and experienced players alike with multiple tee and basket locations that are fun and picturesque.

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Bonnyville Baptist Disc Golf Course

A fun beginner to intermediate course that we designed in partnership with Dan Du Preez.

We had a limited amound of space, obstacles, and change in elevation but we managed to make great use of the space to bring a course to town that will only improve as work is done to it.

This is Bonnyville's first course and is bringing many people to the sport.

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  • Hole 3

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  • Hole 7

4 Wing Disc Golf - Cold Lake

Here is another redesign we worked on with another local disc golfer.

This course, set on the Cold Lake Air Force Base, is a redesign of a another design that was put into place in a hurry and on a budget.

We managed to utilize the same location but fix some safety issues, added some complexity to the holes and made the course a lot more playable, and adding some variation hole to hole.

This course has some longer yardage that allows you to stretch out your arm but gives newer players a chance with some shorter tees.

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Your Next Course

We'll work with you, with your budget , to make the most of the space you, or your community, have available.

Your disc golf designer is the most important choice you can make when bringing a course to your community. Making sure the course is safe for the intended area and working that into the design, will keep your course open and help it to thrive for years to come. Better utilizing your space and the environment around you will give you a better course experiance for all who will come to play.

Contact Us
  • Depending on your budget, space and property, we can work with you on an initial assessment to ensure that your course will be safe, fun and unique, bringing more players in, and enriching the disc golf community in your area.

  • We will work with you to establish the number of holes, tee types, signage requirements, and costs associated with each of these. We can also help with fundraising and presentations to community members to help get your course in the ground.

  • We will work to give your course design exposure on our social media channels as well as updating all the comman course websites used by disc golfers.

    Whether it is a 6 hole par 3 course or an 18 hole championship level course, we will help make it happen!