Welcome to the Alberta Big Putt Winter Championship

Scored rounds

Leagues shall allow a maximum of 10 scored rounds to be recorded between January 1st and the end of February on Putting league nights. The best 5 rounds will be recorded from these rounds for a total out of 125 that will determine the champion.
One scored round will consist of 5 putts from each of the distances 15, 20, 25,30, and 35 feet. 1 point per each made putt will be recorded will a final score out of 25 putts.
A maximum of 3 rounds per day per individual will be allowed but leagues are encouraged to spread out scored rounds between the two months as best as is available to their putting league schedules
Scoring will take place at league events only

Leagues are encouraged to have a warm up period available before these rounds are scored to have players performing at their best

Tie breaker will be top round score, followed by average of top 2,3 etc.


There will be a prize awarded for the best overall score in the Pro and Amateur divisions for both the Open and Female divisions for a total of 4 prizes minimum.
Preliminary prizing will include a custom wrapped mini disc golf basket for each division.


Open to any clubs located in the province of Alberta. Minimum of 5 or more players shall be present to verify scores and ensure fair play. Contact BR Disc Golf for cost to join.
Players that regularly complete in the MPO/MP1/FPO/FP1 and Masters divisions or regularly finish in the top 1/3 of putting league results are encouraged to be signed up in the Pro class. Sandbaggers will be heckled...
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