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DGA Midnight Flyer #6 Glow Quake

DGA Midnight Flyer #6 Glow Quake

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Speed 5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

The Midnight Flyer #6 Glow Quake is now available, just in time for the approaching time change and glow golf season. Be sure to add #6 to your collection before they are all sold out!

The DGA Quake midrange disc is a trustworthy overstable midrange that brings confidence in all wind conditions. This disc will hold a consistent flight path when thrown both backhand and forehand. The Quake will keep your midrange game consistent and simple with a comfortable rim and very flat top, which ensures a clean and easy release for all.

Ken and Ed Headrick released the original DGA Midnight Flyers series back in the early days of disc golf in 1978. The new Midnight Flyer series saw its first disc in 2013, on the 35th anniversary of the original launch. To date, five different discs have been released in the new Midnight Flyer series. For the sixth disc in the new Midnight Flyer series, the Quake was selected to be #6.

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