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Discraft Ledgestone Big Z Challenger OS

Discraft Ledgestone Big Z Challenger OS

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Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

The Challenger OS is a beaded, overstable putter with a deep rim. The OS’s flatter flight plate adds to the stability of the regular Challenger mold. Even as a 2-speed disc, the Challenger OS is known for its resistance to high-speed turn, filling the gap between Ringers/Zones and the rest of Discraft’s putter lineup. The tackiness of the Big Z plastic allows players to grip with confidence while the durability ensures a consistent flight long into the disc’s life. Arguably the most unique stamp of the year, this Challenger OS run will feature a 2-color, Japanese-inspired design with a depiction of the fierce, yet wise, Hannya samurai mask. Only 2200 of these were made.

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