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Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Animus

Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Animus

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The Animus is a high-performance distance driver with a stable flight pattern. It handles torque well when thrown by experienced players, but does not have so much fade that it is unmanageable by recreational players who need a more stable driver in their bag. We like to think of it as an Innova Wraith with a touch more stability.

When naming the Animus we looked to the Latin definition meaning Spirit, Mind as well as the English definition of Hostility which gave us a very interesting duality in the definition. We explored the hostility side with this first release design work for the Ethereal Animus. On our Ethereal plastic, we worked with the cold-blooded influence of natures sly assassin the snake. Agile as well as powerful snakes strike their targets with quick calculated speed.

Flight numbers

11 | 5 | 0 | 2

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