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Upper Park Pinch Pro

Upper Park Pinch Pro

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Introducing the all-new Pinch Bag for 2023! This bag is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and durability.

The large zippered side pockets give you extra storage for all your essentials, while the larger front pocket makes it easy to grab anything you need. The added feet make it stable on any surface, while the improved carrying handle and shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry. Plus, the rear air channel keeps you cool on hot days, and the waterproof material on the bottom keeps your discs dry in wet weather.

This bag can hold up to 31 discs - 16 in the main lower disc pocket, 3-4 in the circle flap disc storage, and 2-3 in the vertical storage pocket. There are also side pockets for water, accessories, or up to 10 discs. And now, with three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors, you can customize your bag to match your style!

Whether you’re looking for a “mini-Rebel” or your ideal “everyday” disc golf bag, this is the perfect choice for players of all levels. With its certified recycled materials, this bag is an environmentally friendly choice you can feel good about.

Get the Pinch Bag today and experience the difference!

Here are the upgrades from the original Pinch:

New large, zippered side pockets
Larger front pocket
Added feet for stability
Stronger carrying handle
Stronger shoulder straps
Rear air channel for improved comfort on hot days
Reinforced side walls for stability
Waterproof material added to the bottom for wet days
16–31 disc storage
Main lower disc (11-14 discs)
Circle flap disc storage (3-4 discs)
Vertical storage pocket (2-3 discs)
Side pockets (for water, accessories, or up to 10 discs)
Made from certified recycled materials because we care about our environment
Three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors for customizable style
Pinch Pro dimensions: 20” high 18” wide 13” deep. 2.95 pounds
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